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Just outside the gates of Ocean Reef is charming old-Florida private club called the Key Largo Anglers Club. Much like Ocean Reef, the Key Largo Anglers Club began as a small fishing camp on Card Sound Bay. In the early 1930’s the club became part of the “Florida Year-Round Club” owned by Roney Investment Company which also owned the Miami Biltmore and Roney Plaza on Miami Beach.

In 1945, the club was purchased by Camray Corporation and managed by Clint and Kay Campbell. During this time, the Club had a reputation for providing a casually elegant fish camp getaway for its members. During the 1950s President Hoover spent a lot of time fishing in the Florida Keys and was made an honorary commodore because of his fondness and support of the club.

The 1960s saw additional growth with the building of the first concrete main dock and a nine-hole par-three golf course for members to enjoy although Fishing continued to be the cornerstone of member’s activities.

In the 1970s Benson and Edith Ford purchased the club to preserve its privacy, charm and quiet beauty they had enjoyed for so many years. Edith was very involved with decorating the clubhouse and regularly placed beautiful flower arrangements around the lobby, a tradition that continues to this day. In 1980, Edith Ford passed away leaving the future of the club uncertain. It wasn’t until five years later that a plan emerged to create a member-owned private community.

The 1990s brought a continuation of good times and old traditions. The piano bar remained a favorite gathering place for members returning from fishing in the bay or the ocean. At the center of the club, members dedicated a large parcel as a nature preserve to preserve their unique environment for the future members.

Today the Key Largo Anglers Club continues to engage members with social and recreational facilities and events in line with the club’s beginnings as a Florida Keys fishing camp.