The Academy at Ocean Reef

The concept is innovative, the benefits everlasting: academic excellence and extended time with the family.The Academy at Ocean Reef was conceived to accomplish a simple and important mission – to find a way for children to spend more time with their families enjoying a healthy lifestyle in the Florida Keys.

The Academy was founded in 1989 by Ocean Reef members seeking a high quality elementary school within Ocean Reef. Serving students in preschool through grade eight, The Academy offers a creative and competitive academic program that takes advantage of all that Ocean reef has to offer, including sailing, fishing, snorkeling golf and tennis.

Located within the gates of the beautiful Ocean Reef, The Academy is housed in a modern 23,000 square foot facility on South Harbor Drive. The facility includes:

  • Eight classrooms
  • A library, science lab, art and music rooms
  • 15,000 square foot screened courtyard
  • 2,000 square foot air-conditioned multi-purpose gym and outdoor playground

Call The Academy at 305.367.2409 for a private consultation.