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The 5 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

Lighting can make or break a design.  There’s nothing worse than bright overhead lights that make you feel like you’re onstage. 
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Top Sotheby's Jewelry Sales of 2015

Sotheby’s jewelry auction of 2015 confirmed that “big rocks” are truly important parts of any collection. 
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Power of Paint

Paint on walls is nothing new, but by stepping out of your comfort zone you can use it to transform just about anything. 
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Bruce Miller: permit-obsessed, but otherwise OK

Bruce first came to Ocean Reef in 1956. “It was a little fishing camp back then. There was a main building and the beach. The Anglers Club began before Ocean Reef and was started by the Ford family as a fishing retreat from up north.” 
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Ocean Reef Plein Air Event

With easel and canvas, artists will gather to capture the character and heritage of the Florida Keys “en plein air” from Lower Matecumbe, through Key Largo to Ocean Reef these artists will be seen painting alongside the Florida Bay, local architecture and off the beaten path. Artists will capture images of nature, flora & fauna, and local “color” in the Plein Air tradition. 
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New Art Gallery Exhibit Featuring Plein Air Artist Kathleen Denis

The effect of light on her subject is a great challenge and goal in each of her paintings, hence, captivating the viewer with it and thereby creating an emotional response. 
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The Academy

In 1989, The Academy was founded by a small group of member parents who, with the support of the Club, had a vision for creating a quality learning institution that would allow their family life to be at Ocean Reef in the winter and to attract the highest level of teachers. 
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Tips for Preparing Your Home for Rentals

Renting out your home can be a lucrative option for when you are not using it
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Designer Cocktails for your Holiday Gathering

Signature Cocktail – Serve a signature cocktail for guests as they arrive.  If you’re having an elegant event, you could serve something as simple as champagne.  However, a seasonal drink or favorite of the hosts is always a nice way to greet guests.   
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New Art Gallery Exhibit Featuring Hibiscus Photography

The exhibit features photos captured from Inge and Frank Hawkin’s travels around the world and their love of the Florida Keys. Open Monday - Friday 9-5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday by appointment at 81888 Overseas Highway in Islamorada. 
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